A gotcha when upgrading to SQL Server 2019

In my last post, I mentioned that I started the process of upgrading Stack Overflow to SQL Server 2019. This week I tackled our first production servers and after upgrading, we hit a small issue aka a gotcha because we were using an old system view. Below is a recap of what I encountered. A Little Background The servers I upgraded were the three SQL Servers that run Stack Overflow for Teams.

Recovering Lost Linked Servers

Recently, I kicked off a project to start moving us to SQL Server 2019. During my initial review of our servers, I found quite a few (9 total) that were still running on Windows Server 2012 R2. This meant that I would need to upgrade the operating system and move us to SQL Server 2019. Having completed plenty of SQL Server upgrades, as well as operating system upgrades, I couldn’t possibly make a mistake, right?

The Perils of Querying SQL Server Replicas Under Load

Last week at Stack Overflow we had an internal hack-a-thon, or as we call it, a make-a-thon. I was on the bug-bashing team, which is the team that attempts to fix smallish bugs we haven’t gotten around to fixing, due to other time-constraints. I was tagged to investigate a bug about duplicate badges being awarded because it looked to possibly be an easy fix in SQL. At first glance it looked simple enough, but once I started digging in, I figured out very quickly it wouldn’t be.

T-SQL Tuesday #122 - Impostor Syndrome

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Jon Shaulis, who has asked that we talk about impostor syndrome. This subject is close to my heart, as I have dealt with it throughout my career. I didn’t study computer science or engineering in college. I never even took a computer class. I sort of just fell into working as a web developer because I had someone tell me they wouldn’t hire me due to lack of experience.

Hitting Parallel_Redo_Flow_Control waits with Availability Groups

In late June 2019, June 26th to be exact, we experienced an outage on Stack Overflow for about 11 minutes. It’s not unusual that we had an outage. They happen. Not often, but they do still happen. This one, however, was a little different because it was caused by a maintenance job that was running on our primary SQL Server for Stack Overflow. The job that caused it was something I’d noticed about a month prior, but had stopped it before an actual outage occurred.